RUC Monkey Features

Transforming the electronic management of Road user charges, RUC Monkey features the only wireless eRUC management solution in the industry

Flexible pricing

RUC Monkey pricing is designed to fit your business needs, from the smallest fleets to large operators. You have the option to buy hardware outright and simply pay a monthly eRUC management fee, or choose a managed service model to minimise upfront expense.

Real time tracking

See exactly where your trucks are in real time with RUC Monkey’s real time location tracking.
Gain peace of mind thanks to RUC Monkey’s tried and tested hardware and GPS positioning data, available at your fingertips.

Offroad refunds

Tax refunds made easy. If your vehicles go off-road, we make it easy to claim back your tax on those kilometers with automatic claim and refund management.


Never run out of RUC units with RUC Monkey’s auto-renewal function. When your RUC credit gets low, our system can automatically top it up – so you’re always compliant.

1 hour install

Why have your trucks off-road for hours waiting for install? Ours takes just 1 hour thanks to RUC Monkey’s next-generation wireless technology. So your trucks can get back to completing jobs and earning revenue faster.

Integrated Fleet Maintenance

Add-on modules like Fleetio provides the web and mobile-based software you need to manage your fleet remotely.

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